Dishonesty: The truth about Lies


“(Dis)honesty” examines how humans navigate the complicated landscape of honesty – from the white lies that serve as a necessary social lubricant to those that cause irreparable harm. It combines the rigorous experimental approach of behavioral economics with personal anecdotes from individuals who traveled questionable paths for a long time: some who escaped consequences, and others who were caught redhanded. These stories add to our understanding of dishonesty and demonstrate a cornucopia of irrational and rational behavior.

The film pivots on three complementary perspectives: research in behavioral economics, interviews with both “big cheaters,” and confessions from casual “little” cheaters. The variety of these collected stories demonstrates the randomness, the imagination, and the creativity of the human brain, and hints at the fact that the leap from small lies to larger lies is not as vast as we might think. Together with the behavioral economics experiments these personal interviews and anecdotes provides a more fuller picture of the complex relationship we have with the truth and with dishonesty.

In an age where dishonesty is rampant, “(Dis)honesty” invites viewers to consider their own responses to difficult situations and hopes to inspire both compassion and increased awareness of the (dis)honesty that permeates our daily lives.

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